We are proud that we have been certified as an Arizona Green Business.


Why We're Green

  • It’s a group effort!  We feel contributing to a culture of sustainability and stewardship of our resources is a basic responsibility of being in business, and a foundational practice for making a positive contribution to our community.
  • In addition, as a running shop, we are always supporting efforts to keep the outdoors clean and outdoor exercise spaces healthy.

Our current efforts

  • LED lighting - this provides us with a carbon reduction of 83% from traditional lighting solutions.  We also are able to provide better and more even lighting for shoppers, and replace the bulbs less often, creating less waste.
  • Reverse osmosis water machine - reduces waste and energy, having replaced a giant refrigerator full of water bottles.  It is used daily by staff, by our group runners, and by customers coming in the shop.
  • Electronics recycling - this is a basic part of our overall recycling plan, both reducing waste and strategically replacing high-energy use items with solutions that require less energy, for example new more energy efficient computer monitors to replace 14-year old screens.

Community Engagement:

  • Shoe recycle program - we are a drop-off location for Sneakers 4 Funds, an organization that takes lightly used shoes and gives them new life by partnering with micro-businesses in developing countries to re-sell the shoes for a profit in their community.  In addition, we receive funds back for our donations and are able to give that back to our community and support worthy causes. In this way we are reducing the waste that goes into landfills.
  • Nutrition package recycling through TerraCycle - bring in your used gel or chew packets, individual OR bulk size drink mix bags, or any other packaging from your last run, hike, ride, or adventure.  We are able to send these off to TerraCycle to recycle!
  • Donating empty shoe boxes and other cardboard - The Art Resource Center is a non-profit that recycles art-worthy materials for artists of any age to come in and use and/or purchase.

Additional Ways We're Green

  • We recycle all acceptable materials, including electronic waste
  • We installed dual flush toilets to reduce water use & had a water audit done to improve water conservation