Video Gait Analysis

The video and photo below show how much of a difference can be made by getting fit in the correct shoe. On the left is an example of someone who severely overpronates. Notice how much the ankles rotate inward as the foot transitions from heel to toe. One the right is the same person wearing an Asics Kayano which has a lot of support. Notice how upright the ankles now remain. Getting you fit into the correct shoes is key to helping you avoid potential injuries.

We perform this kind of video gait analysis on all customers and it allows us to properly assess the type of shoe each person needs. It is very enlightening when you get to see what your gait looks like in slow motion along with an explanation of what's going on and why you need a particular category of shoe. We do not recommend specific brands but instead a specific category. Most shoe brands offer shoes in every category.

There is no cost and no appointment necessary to have a video analysis done. It's just part of the professional service we offer to all our customers.

pronation difference between shoes