Dig Deeper Volunteers

Dig Deeper is a Sole Sports-backed community volunteer group started by group runners. It was the brainchild of longtime group runner, Kim Lambert, after the annual Thanksgiving canned food drive was such a success. Group runners would donate canned food items to St. Vincent de Paul, a nonprofit charity organization, each Thanksgiving. The donations and enthusiasm were so great that they decided to continue the giving spirit year-round. And so in 2013, Dig Deeper was born.

Each month, Dig Deeper volunteers support a different local cause by donating their time, supplies, food, money, or even their running abilities. The efforts combine the group runners’ love for running and love for the community. Inspired by Sole Sports’ contributions to runners and the community, Dig Deeper is a way for group runners show their appreciation and carry on outreach efforts in the name of Sole Sports.

Here are some examples of Dig Deeper's initiatives:

  • Maricopa County Animal Care & Control (March 2015): The group collected donations and supplies for the animals at the shelter, delivered them, and walked the dogs.

  • Girls on the Run 5K (April 2015): Dig Deeper helped inspire and empower young girls by being running buddies and volunteers for Girls on the Run’s 5K in Tempe, AZ.

  • Ronald McDonald House Charities (May 2015): Meals were prepared and served to families whose children are undergoing critical medical care.

  • Frye Elementary School (September 2015): Much-needed backpacks and supplies were donated to children at Frye Elementary in Chandler, AZ.

  • St. Mary's Food Bank (November 2015): Dig Deeper collected and delivered more than 100 pounds of canned and boxed goods to St. Mary's Food Bank. 
  • Feed My Starving Children (January 2016): Volunteers hand-packed 130 boxes—enough meals to feed 76 malnourished children for a year (more than 28,000 meals!)—for Feed My Starving Children.

Want to dig deeper with us and get involved? Join the Dig Deeper Facebook group.


For the month of November we are collecting Art Supplies for the kiddos at Phoenix Children's Hospital. Feel free to bring your donations to either Sole Sports location from now until November 30th. With these supplies, we have the honor in decorating the PCH Christmas Tree. We want to bring some happiness and creativity into their lives.

If you would like to join us in decorating the Phoenix Children's Hospital Christmas Tree on December 1st from 10:30am-12:00pm...be sure to sign up through facebook at https://www.facebook.com/events/1229559487191817/ There is a limited number of people that we can have to help.

January 5: Help Tear Down the Christmas Tree at Phoenix Children's Hospital from 10:00-11:00am

January 23: We are going to make Dinner for the Ronald McDonald House in Mesa (Dobson/Southern). Dinner is at 6pm. Limited to 10 volunteers. Volunteers must be 16+ years old. More details to come...