His Favorite Things Are Tall And Cold

Published on 05/14/2018

  • His Favorite Things Are Tall And Cold

Emmet attended Cal State Long Beach, where he earned an electrical engineering degree and then received a Bachelor of Science - Technical Management degree from DeVry. Sixty-hour work weeks in a cubicle drove Emmet to look for something more fulfilling. Emmet has been a part of the Sole Sports team since its beginning in 2007, eventually leaving his engineering job to work at Sole Sports full-time.

He was born in Harbor City, California where he grew up with his two siblings. He did not run in high school, but instead surfed and played golf.

Taking up running in 1996, Emmet is a serious trail runner, with a bucket-list goal of someday running Denali, the tallest mountain in North America. The current goal that he is focusing on is running the top ten 14,000 foot mountains in Colorado.

Outside of work and running, Emmet thoroughly enjoys trying out new micro-breweries, in Arizona and the places where he travels. He is also a home brewer and a member of homebrewers’ associations.

When we asked Emmet to tell us something about himself that not very many people know, his colleagues tossed out that he is a germ-o-phobe and he picks up trash while running. Emmet, himself, told us that he can only see two feet ahead while trail running. He is legally blind without glasses.