The Running Couple

Published on 04/9/2018

  • The Running Couple

Matt and Lindsay joined the Sole Sports team in November 2017. Married for 8 years, their first date was at Oregano’s in Tempe, after finding each other online. They share their home with Java, a 6-year-old rescue Chihuahua.

Lindsay earned her degree in Special Education from Northern Arizona University (NAU) and taught for 9 years. Matt went to the University of Sioux Falls and earned his bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. While Lindsay was always active, hiking and working out at the gym, it wasn’t until she met Matt that she got into running. Matt, on the other hand, ran throughout his high school and college years, on both the cross-country and track teams.

Sometimes, they do run together on Matt’s short, easy days. Matt’s bucket list event is to someday complete an Ironman, while Lindsay would like to run a half-marathon.

Aside from running, in addition to working at Sole Sports, Matt and Lindsay enjoy another entrepreneurial passion - roasting coffee. Lindsay’s parents always loved specialty coffee and her dad took up roasting as a hobby. He researched everything about roasting, compiled a notebook full of roasting information and started roasting his own small batches at home. After Lindsay’s dad was diagnosed with cancer, she and Matt used roasting coffee as a way to spend his remaining time together. Matt and Lindsay continue to pursue their roasting and have taken it a step further with a commercial-size roaster. You can purchase their coffee online at or at our Tempe location.

One final fun fact about each of them, that not very many people know, is that Lindsay has a fraternal twin and Matt was a competitive cross-country skier in his teens and twenties.