Massage Therapy at Sole Sports in Tempe

Are your long training runs taking a toll on your legs? Nothing helps more with recovery and injury prevention than a good massage.

Martin GiacaloneSole Sports is proud to team up with Martin Giacalone and Performance Massage. Martin has been a licensed massage therapist in the valley since 1986, running the massage program for the old Arizona Athletic Club and for Mountainside Fitness Centers. He also served on the City of Tempe’s Board of Massage Examiners for over 13 years. Performance Massage specializes in full body, therapeutic massage using a variety of deep tissue techniques to open the body, elongate the muscles, release adhesions, and tie the body together for maximum results.


Cori Frayer, LMTCori Frayer is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist who combines her experience and love for endurance sports with her massage therapy business, RaceReady Massage, to create a unique, highly effective massage experience. Cori has been active in endurance sports and racing since 2006 and especially enjoys long distance running and Ironman distance Triathlons. Cori has competed in the Ironman World Championship in Kona, HI and is a multiple-time Boston Marathon qualifier with a recent PR of 2:57:39 at the Phoenix Marathon. 

After working in the chiropractic field for four years, Cori decided to take her passion for being healthy and active and combine it with her strong interest in sports rehabilitation. She has experienced multiple injuries herself and knows what the body goes through during training and after completing long-distance events. Combining these strengths makes Cori a unique provider to the active community in the Phoenix area.

A good massage is priceless and we have a dedicated massage room at our Tempe store. The regular rate is $60 for 1 hour or $85 for an hour and a half.

Appointments can be made by simply calling our Tempe store at 480-522-2475.