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  Injury & Pain Relief - Product list

110% Blitz Knee Sleeve
Compression and mobile ice therapy
110% Double-Life Shin/Calf Sleeves
Compression and mobile ice therapy
110% Overdrive Compression + Ice Kit
Compression and mobile ice therapy
Price: $ 54.99

Price: $ 74.99

Price: $ 99.99

2XU Compression Calf Guard
Guard against leg fatigue & muscle soreness
Available in white too!
Arch Pro-Tec
Alleviate arch discomfort
Body Glide Skin Protectant
Anti-chafing, lubricant stick
Price: $ 54.99

Price: $ 23.99

Price: $ 9.99

CEP RxOrtho Achilles Brace
Muscle and joint stabilization
CEP RxOrtho Knee Brace
Muscle and joint stabilization
CW-X 3/4 Length Pro Tights women
Provides lower back and hip support
Price: $ 74.95

Price: $ 69.95

Price: $ 80.99

Doctor Hoy's Natural Pain Relief Gel 8oz
Topical analgesic for sore muscles
Feetures Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve
Compression foot sleeve
Also available in black!
Knee Pro-Tec
Patellar tendon strap
Price: $ 27.95

Price: $ 24.99

Price: $ 20.99

KT Tape Pro
Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape
Marathon Stick
Increase strength, flexibility, and endurance
Medi-Dyne ProStretch
Flexibility training aid
Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 31.95

Price: $ 29.99

Protection against painful nipple chafing and abrasion
Original Body Stick
Increase strength, flexibility, and endurance
Pro-Tec Achilles Tendon Support
Alleviates Achilles soreness
Price: $ 8.95

Price: $ 42.45

Price: $ 23.99

Pro-Tec Ankle Sleeve
Neoprene ankle sleeve
Pro-Tec Ankle Wrap
Elastic ankle wrap
Pro-Tec Foam Roller
High-density foam roller
Price: $ 13.99

Price: $ 22.99

Price: $ 24.99

Pro-Tec Iliotibial Band Compression Wrap
Alleviates IT Band Syndrome
Pro-Tec Shin Splints Compression Wrap
Alleviates Shin Splints
Pro-Tec Toe Caps
Protect your piggies
Price: $ 20.99

Price: $ 23.99

Price: $ 16.99

Strassburg Sock
A simple cost effective treatment for heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis.
SureFoot Foot Rubz
Massages hot, tired feet.
Travel Stick
Increase strength, flexibility, and endurance
Price: $ 38.95

Price: $ 8.99

Price: $ 27.45

Trigger Point Grid
High-density foam roller
Trigger Point Quadballer
High-density muscle roller
Trigger Point Starter Set
Leg extremity massage kit
Price: $ 39.99

Price: $ 59.99

Price: $ 69.99

Trigger Point X-Factor Ball
Massage Ball
TwoToms Blister Shield
Anti-Friction Skin Guard
TwoToms SportShield Liquid Roll-On
Liquid Roll-On Anti-Friction Skin Guard
Price: $ 24.99

Price: $ 12.99

Price: $ 12.99

Zensah Training & Muscle Recovery Leg Sleeves
Compression for improved recovery
Multiple colors available!

Price: $ 39.99


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